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Sorry - Printing a MedIntelliBase® MarketTracks Clinical Trial, Product, Company, or Access List is only available to Premium Level Subscribers.

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FAQ and How to Get Help

A few commonly asked questions are answered below. If you have additional ones please let us know:

Question #1 - What is the best way to start my search of these three databases?

Answer #1 -The "Product Technologies Database of Competing Technologies" is the best place to start. There you can do a Quick Search on any product/ technology, modality or product type, or company. This will take you to over 1,000 products and technologies. Or you can perform a more search on the database's Advanced Search Page to more finely tune your queries.


Question #2 - How do I access the company database?

Answer #2 - The "Competing Companies Database" can be accessed from the "Companies™ Database" tab selection at the top of the search page or on the Advanced Search Page of either the "Product Technologies Database" or the "Clinical Trials & Registries™ Database" - Just click on "See full Company Name List" on the Advanced Search page of either database.


Question #3 - What can I access from the "Companies Database"?

Answer #3 - When you click on any company name in the "Competing Company" pop-up screen that company's name will show-up in the Company Name text box. When you click on the Search button below all entries in that data base that correspond to the company will appear in the search results field at the bottom of the page.


Question #4 - What does the "Clinical Trials & Registries Database" cover?

Answer #4 - This database captures all of the most recent clinical trials and registries managed around the world. For the CV Therapeutics MarketTrack over 300 are presented; for the EV Therapeutics MarketTrack nearly 50 are presented; and for the Carotid Therapeutics & Stroke MarketTrack over 70 are presented...and growing!


Question #5 - How does the linking functionality between the "Volumes™ e-Report" and the 3 databases work?

Answer #5 - When you open any of the "Volumes™ e-Report" PDF volumes you will see selected terms underlined. These links are activated hyperlinks so when you click on them they will take you to the appropriate database as follows. For example, if the link is a:

  • Product, product type or technology - that text link will take you to the corresponding entry in the "Product Technologies Database of Competing Technologies"
  • Clinical Trial - that text link will take you to the corresponding clinical trial or registry entry in the "Clinical Trials & Registries Database"
  • Company name - that text link will take you to the corresponding company in the "Companies Database"


Question #6 - What format are the dates in?

Answer #6 - The dates on this site are in one of two formats. The first is a simple "Month, Year" format, such as "December, 2007." The second date format used is the "MM/DD/YYYY" format. An example of this format is "12/01/2007," which means December 1, 2007.


Question #7 - When clicking on links in the Product or Trial Detail pages does a new window or tab open up in my browser?

Answer #7 - By default clicking on a new link will open it in the current window or tab. If you wish to open it in a new window or tab, right click the link and select "Open in a New Window" or "Open in a New Tab" depending on your preference..

If you have any other questions, technical problems with the databases or report, or need help with you account, please Contact Us directly.

We'd also like to hear your feedback on this product. Please give us your thoughts and comments on our MedIntelliBase MarketTracks using our Contact Page.


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