MedIntelliBase® Quick Search Tips


1) The "Clinical Trials & Registries Database" is our most powerful database. This database captures all of the most recent clinical trials and registries held around the world. Over 600 trials are presented and accessible by Subject Area. You can either perform Quick Searches or Advanced Searches and can search for trials using 19 different fields to give you unlimited search freedom.

2) The "Product Technologies Database of Competing Technologies" is an excellent place to start your search. From this database you can do a Quick Search on any product/ technology, modality, product type, or company. This will take you to over 800 products and technologies. Or you can do a more refined search using the database's Advanced Search Page to more finally tune your queries.

3) Our third database, the "Competing Companies Database" gives you access to all available companies with products or trials in your Subject Area. There are over 400 companies tracked overall and more are added as new products come to market.